About us

Workspace Training is the trading name of McElvenny Ware Pty Ltd (RTO Number: 91247). Our RTO specialises in training field workers and production staff, particularly in the forest industry and manufacturing industry.

In addition to the RTO arm, we are also award winning developers of training resources and assessment materials. In 2014 we won the ‘Excellence in a learning resource’ award for the Flooring Technology project.

Our company

Workspace Training is owned by David McElvenny (CEO) and Kath Ware (Administration Manager).

David’s areas of expertise are the development of training resources and the delivery of training. His qualifications and background experience are shown on his LinkedIn profile. David was appointed a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Training and Development in 2018.

Kath’s specialisations are instructional design and the development of interactive CDs. She has wide experience in desktop publishing and computer applications. Kath also handles RTO compliance issues.

Our sister company

Workspace Training is involved in a sister company called INTAR (Industry Network Training and Assessment Resources), which specialises in writing and distributing materials for the Tertiary Education sector.

Some of these resources are made available to clients via a subscription service. Clients include Universities, TAFE Institutes, private RTOs and industry associations. Other resources are made available for free, particularly where they have been developed under a 'creative commons' licence with the aid of government funding.

Our resource development team

On resource development projects we work with a team of experts to produce high quality training resources in a variety of formats, including e-learning resources and print-based materials. Our team includes web developers, voice-over artists, graphic artists, technical writers and a quality assurance consultant.

Many of our projects also involve technical advisory committees and review panels. We have extensive experience with national projects that include broad representations from TAFE Institutes and RTOs, and involving the trialling of draft materials with pilot groups of students.

To see an example of the project team and technical advisory committee we assembled for a recent project, please go to the Acknowledgements page of the Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetmaking project.

Our training partners

Many of the courses we offer are delivered by industry experts who are also fully qualified trainers. Details of the auspicing arrangements we have with various specialist trainers are provided under the relevant links. For an overview of these courses, see: Delivery of training.