Chainsaw Operation Interactive CD

The 2016 Edition of Chainsaw Operation – Beginner to Advanced is designed for workers who are undertaking the theory component of a chainsaw training course. It is particularly suited to learners with poor literacy skills.

The presentation is in a Powerpoint format, and features animated graphics, video clips, voice-over narration and interactive exercises.

The Trainer and Assessor Guide that accompanies the CD contains details on copyright and reproduction conditions, presentation style, suggested training strategies and an example of one of the sample assessment instruments.

The CD itself contains the Powerpoint presentation and interactive self-check exercises, plus a full set of downloadable assessment instruments that can be used as the basis for the trainer’s own assessment tools. These documents are provided in a Word format, allowing them to be easily customised or reproduced in another format.

Cost is $99, including GST and postage within Australia.

Competencies covered

The resource is aligned to the following units of competency:

AHCMOM213: Operate and maintain chainsaws
AHCPCM203: Fell small trees
FWPCOT2237: Maintain chainsaws
FWPCOT2238: Cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw
FWPCOT2239: Trim and cut felled trees
FWPCOT2236: Fall trees manually (basic)
FWPFGM3212: Fall trees manually (intermediate)
FWPFGM3213: Fall trees manually (advanced)


Follow the links below to preview excerpts from the resource. Note that the sample Powerpoint files do not contain the interactive exercises or downloadable assessment tools contained in the CD version of the resource.

Presentation clips on YouTube channel

Trainer and Assessor Guide


To order the interactive CD package, download the Order form. You may post or email the order form back to Workspace Training.
For more information, please contact Kath Ware at

See also Chainsaw Operation booklets for the print-based learner guides that cover the above competencies