Training and assessment for on-the-job trainers

We offer a fully customised in-house course for on-the-job trainers and assessors who work in industrial settings. The course is designed for key operators and supervisors who have been given the task of upskilling other workers in their own workplace.

The course is ‘non-accredited’ – that is, it does not lead directly to a formal qualification. This means that participants who complete the course will not receive the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and will not be qualified to deliver national competencies under the auspices of a registered training organisation (RTO).

However, by remaining outside the government-regulated accreditation system, all aspects of the course can be tailored to the precise needs of the participants’ company and employees. The course can also be built into a larger learning and development program at the worksite. This allows the company management to develop their own site-specific benchmarks of performance, which can be as demanding and focussed as desired.

To see excerpts from the on-line training resource that supports this course, go to: Training and assessing for on-the-job trainers. (Please note that course participants are also provided with hard copies of all training materials in the face-to-face classroom sessions.) For more details about the rationale for this highly-focussed, enterprise-specific course, go to the Overview and contents page of this resource.