Tree Workers Manual

The Tree Workers Manual has been written for apprentice arborists, powerline tree trimmers and other tree workers undertaking accredited training. It features extensive photos and line drawings in 105 pages and is bound in an A4 format.

The manual is designed to help learners with the background knowledge requirements for a range of competencies, with particular emphasis on the following topics:

  • Hazard tree assessment
  • Species identification
  • Pruning techniques
  • Basic tree anatomy
  • Benefits of trees.

In particular, it supports the following competencies from the AHC Training Package:

AHCPCM204: Recognise plants
AHCARB214: Recognise trees
AHCARB315: Inspect trees for access and work
AHCARB316: Perform pruning operations
AHCARB323: Identify trees
AHCARB408: Perform a ground-based tree defect evaluation.

The manual is also a useful background resource for the botanical and pruning elements from the following UET Training Package competencies:

UETTDRVC23: Plan the removal of vegetation up to vegetation exclusion zone near live electrical apparatus
UETTDRVC24: Assess vegetation and recommend control measures in an ESI environment
UETTDRVC33: Apply pruning techniques to vegetation control near live electrical apparatus.

The concepts presented in the manual are drawn from a range of authoritative sources, which are referenced throughout the text to enable students to follow them up for further details. Some of the reference sources are standard arboricultural and botanical textbooks, and others are on-line resources that can be downloaded from the web. The suggested work techniques described in the manual are also in line with the ‘minimum industry standards’ (MIS) developed by Arboriculture Australia.

To see the table of contents and an excerpt from this manual, go to: Tree Workers Manual.


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