Chainsaw assessment tools

Workspace Training has developed a set of chainsaw assessment tools to go hand-in-hand with the Chainsaw Operation hard copy booklets and interactive e-learning resource. The sample assessment tools contain written tests, on-site risk assessment forms, tree assessment forms and practical demonstration checklists. Model answers are provided for all test questions, as well as instructions to students and assessors.

Purchasers are permitted to customise or re-work the content material to suit their own administrative systems and learner profiles. They may also insert their own company logos and other branding elements.

All documents are provided in an electronic Word format, loaded onto a USB stick. This allows the purchaser to modify the documents as required and print out hard copies for their students.

Competencies covered

The following competencies are packaged into a range of integrated assessment tools:

AHCMOM213: Operate and maintain chainsaws
AHCPCM205: Fell small trees
FWPCOT2259: Cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw
FWPCOT2254: Maintain chainsaws
FWPCOT2273: Trim and cut felled trees
FWPCOT3301: Trim trees using a pole saw
FWPCOT2274 and FWPCOT2253 *: Fell trees manually (basic)
FWPCOT3347 and FWPFGM3216 *: Fell trees manually (intermediate)
FWPCOT3348 and FWPFGM3217 *: Fell trees manually (advanced)

* Superseded in January 2023, but still recommended for forest industry training until further notice - see the FWP Training Package Companion Volume Implementation Guide (Version 8.1 February 2023) pages 50-51 (or contact ForestWorks for more advice)

A mapping document is provided for each assessment tool, showing the mapping of the knowledge test questions and practical demonstrations back to the relevant competency requirements.

To see an example of an integrated assessment tool, go to: Sample assessment tool – FWP tree felling units for forest industry workers.

Conditions of usage

  1. The assessment tools are provided as ‘samples’ only, and are designed to be customised by the purchaser to suit their own target audience and RTO compliance requirements. Although there are competency mapping documents provided, purchasers are responsible for reviewing their own assessment tools to ensure that they meet all necessary requirements under the Standards for RTOs and any other ASQA directives.
  2. Purchasers are free to customise or rework the content material in the assessment tools. However, the original material always remains the property of Workspace Training, and the footer must reference Workspace Training as copyright owner of the original source material.
  3. The assessment tools and customised versions of them are only for use within the purchaser’s own organisation, and for distribution among the organisation’s staff and students. Purchasers must not allow the materials to be used outside their organisation, or to re-sell them, unless express permission has been given by Workspace Training.


The assessment tools are supplied as part of the chainsaw e-learning resource package. Please go to the following page for more information on the package and to download the order form:
Chainsaw Operation interactive e-learning resource

For more information, please contact Kath Ware at 02 4573 6969 or: